Welcome to the Absent Corporation, where customer services don’t exist

David Boyle has recently written in The Guardian, about the lack of customer service. We live in a time where people are replaced with algorithms, five-stars and never-ending dial tones. His conclusion?

“This great silence, this neglect of customers, especially when anything goes wrong, is partly a byproduct of the financialisation and virtualisation of reality. But most of all, it is a result of our collective failure to police the emerging monopolies, public and private – from Amazon and Google to Southern Rail – which have so little economic pressure to keep customers loyal.

It is both a symptom and cause of rising inequality – in this case between customers and the organisations that serve them only in theory. In reality they serve themselves. And there lies the clue to tackling the problem: make them smaller. But we have to start just by naming the phenomenon. There they are all around us: the Absent Corporations.”

Read the full article: The Guardian

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