Millennial shift: Young consumers drive new email habits [DMA Consumer Email Tracker 2016]

For consumers the email address is the way to access so many of the useful things available on the web, whether that’s social media accounts, to make a purchase, to manage finances…. the list goes on.

For marketers the email remains the most-used channel for reaching consumers. And DMA have recently released a piece of research that tracks the ways in which consumers use their inboxes to their advantage.

This year consumers received more emails and more irrelevant emails than before, which could have negative repercussions for the medium. This report also proves that younger people, particularly Millennials, drive the new ways in which consumers use email, particularly on smartphones. It’s worth remembering that typical consumer behaviour doesn’t always match typical marketer behaviour – not everyone is hyperconnected and mobile-first.

Download the infographic here: Consumer Email Tracker 2016 Infographic

Read the original article here: DMA

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