What the best brands will do in 2017


Constantly Raise the Bar of Customer Experience 

Don’t get lost in buzzwords and useless data, focus on the one thing that matters: your customer.


Do their Homework: Instore Execution and Internationalization

Deliver your brand at every opportunity, every touch point counts. The quality of your website experience needs to be equal to the quality of your app and the quality of your app experience needs to be equal to the quality of your in-store experience.


Drive Data-fueled Creativity and Innovation

In an economic and cultural setting where six months are already considered as a lifetime, it is crucial to have your technical and human dimensions tightly interwoven to be able keeping innovating, updating, and optimizing quicker and more impactful than your peer group.


Cherish Analytics 

The best marketing departments will have performance-based scorecards in place which measure and analyze e.g. ROI of core business drivers like clicks, signups, downloads, purchases, stalls, etc and based on these will conduct weekly and monthly marketing reviews.


Embrace Technology

Marketing departments will automate repetitive tasks such as website updates, mobile campaigns, emails, newsletter marketing, social media, etc. to simplify, to scale, and to orchestrate marketing campaigns within a holistic CRM strategy across multiple channels


Leverage the Internet of Things (IoT)


In 2017, more than ever, marketers will be able taking advantage of the “smartness movement:“ From smart cities to smart things like sensors, clothes, beacons, etc.


Further Develop Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot Capabilities

AI and Chatbots are here, and thank’s to Amazon Echo’s Alexa, it’s not limited to sci-fi films. It’s in our customers homes and we need to be clued up about what this means for our communications and our customers.


Push Augmented & Virtual Reality into Mainstream

Pokemon Go did it. Innovative brands and businesses (among them many small and local ones) will be able to piggy-back on its approach e.g. by increasing foot traffic to their venues and recruiting new customers with similar apps and products.


Apply the Magic PISD Content Formula 

PISD stands for Personalized, Immersive, Short-Lived, and Dense content forms.

Mass customization will fully transform into personalization in 2017 by reaching different types of audience members (or even individuals in its purest form) based on their behavior, preferences, and habits.


Develop Value-Adding Native Advertising Campaigns

According to data from IPG & Sharethrough consumers looked at native ads 53% more frequently than at display ads. n order of not losing consumers´ trust and keeping them engaged, native advertising needs to provide real value and easy consumption. It must not come across as a “disguised“ ad to be effective.


Rock Video – More, Better, Mobile

The average consumer now watching 49 minutes of social video every day. That´s why video content will continue to rock, e.g. with 360° experiences which were triggered some years ago by GoPro´s spherical videos


Put Even More Focus on Mobile

According to Zenith’s Mobile Advertising survey, mobile devices will account for 75% of global internet use in 2017 (from 40% in 2012 to 68% in 2016). Mobile advertising will overtake desktop advertising in 2017, increasing its share of global internet advertising to 52% from 44% in 2016.


Institutionalize Influencer Marketing 

In 2017 brands will increasingly rely on micro-influencers with high engagement in niche verticals to produce more organic and engaging content


Ramp Up Security Systems

As a top marketer one of your biggest worries must be how to ensure the safety of your customers´data. Therefore leading brands hire also specialized companies such as Social-Engineer to test the strength of their security both online and offline so they can identify where they’re weak.


Establish a Borderless Organisation 

The future of marketing – embedded within an accelerating digital transformation process – encompasses key functions from R&D, sales, finance, legal, HR to strategic business planning

Drive Vehemently Customer Loyalty

For many brands the respective trust levels are low. While general purchases are driven by price (81%), quality (80%) and convenience (55%), loyalty is about likeability (86%) and trust (83%). As a result, in 2017 top marketers will very strongly focus on emotional and authentic messages (e.g. via Influencer Marketing) to drive customer engagement (versus customer recruiting) and to try making them more loyal.

To find out more read the full article here: Linkedin

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