Carol singers collect via contactless card

The London Community Gospel Choir serenaded shoppers in London’s Covent Garden on Wednesday and collected for charity using cashless cards only. While the choir performed, people were able simply to hold their contactless cards over the charity collection bucket that had been equipped with contactless in order to make their donation.

The donations were made using pre-paid cards provided for the purpose by Barclays and Barclaycard, so in practice the donations came from the Barclaycard. Each donation of £5 made from the cards through the payment system on the contactless collection bucket was donated to Help a Capital Child, and £2,500 was raised.

Although the donation was made digitally the charity does not receive contact details of the donor.

Removing two of the main barriers to donation: the first – actually having cash to donate and the second handing over information (with the worry of being contacted in the future).


Read the original article here: UK Fundraising


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