Ikea renames its products after common Google searches in new ad

Ikea has long been known for the quirky names it gives to its products, but a new ad campaign sees these monikers get even stranger.

A new ad for Ikea from Swedish ad agency Åkestam Holst sees the furniture brand’s products renamed after searches for various relationship dilemmas on Google. Titled Retail Therapy, the campaign sees a search for ‘My friend only talks about himself’ assigned to a dressing table with a mirror or ‘How to make long distance work’ attributed to a moving box.

The campaign is funny and charming but also potentially performs a SEO coup, with Ikea’s products presumably travelling up the Google search engine each time someone searches for these issues.

Ikea has this year performed a great job of illustrating modern families in its ads, with spots including one on life after a divorce, and another about a child growing up and leaving home. This new campaign is more abstract but continues the message that Ikea is the brand to help you out, whatever your relationship issue.


Read the original article: Creative Review

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