Subway and the power of choice by McCann London


Subway. The original ‘build your own’ company. It came long before the customer trends of customisaiton and personalistion and I imagine it’ll continue to live on long after. How do you continue to talk to customers about a product that you haven’t changed – a USP that your product depends on: choice? You remember that you’re talking to humans. Us humans are awful creatures of habit. We are totally set it our ways. There’s a reason why we say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. We like routine. We gravitate towards our normal (even if we don’t like to admit it). Why? Because it’s comfortable. It extinguishes all risk with the promise of total satisfaction.

How do we get people to make the most of the choice they have available? Challenge them to change. But do so in a humorous, satirical way. It’s only a sandwich at the end of the day. But it’s baby steps here. It takes a lot to change a behaivour and that needs to be acknowledged. There needs to be a level of empathy that explains how it’s totally understandable why comfortable is good. There is after all a reason why you have a go-to. But then there needs to be an encouraging nudge. Yes, you know what you love and that’s great. But what if you tried something new and it was even better. Eliminate the worry of risk and highlight the pride that can be taken in embracing choice.

And that boys and girls, is my thinking behind how McCann ended up with their latest advert.

Created byMcCann London.

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