A trainer made for people not athletes by Rosapark


The foundation of many athletic brands is that people exercise as a form of self bettering – to make them a better athlete. However, this is a generalised assumption. I’m sure this is true for the majority, but I’m sure I’m not alone when I say, I exercise to stay in good shape but in also enables me to eat guilt free. Currently I feel there’s a darker side to wellbeing and mindfullness – an attitude that shuns people who love to eat. That bread is a ‘bad’ food. That you should follow a plant based diet. And that gluten is the enemy. And, in my humble opinion, this is normalising eating disorders – in the same way that calorie counting does.

I’m not afraid to admit that I exercise so that I can eat whatever I fancy. This does not mean that I’m by any means encouraging binge eating, but if someone asks if I’m having a dessert after my dinner, I can gleefully reply with a ‘hell yes’. Why? Because I put in the work at the gym. And life it too short to deny oneself cake.

The first brand to capitalise on this reality, that not everyone goes to the gym in the hope to turn pro in their field of choice but actually just enjoy food, is trainer brand Kalenji. The creative execution of this idea? A partnership with a chef to create a menu that enable diners to ‘pay’ for their food with the miles they’ve run. An idea so good, I wish I’d come up with is – My pick of the week.

Created by Rosapark.



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