Samsung Galaxy 7’s latest work by Leo Burnett


If I tried to sell you the Samsung Galaxy 7 by explaining it’s full integration of devices Samsung including the S7 Edge, the Gear 360 camera and the Gear VR headset, you’d do one of three things: 1) Stop listening, 2) Tell me to stop talking or 3) Slap me round the face. A slap might be a bit of an over reaction but it’s kind of justified. I wouldn’t be telling you anything of any worth. I’d just be wasting your time, and that’s not fair (although please don’t slap people every time somethings unfair, it’s just not nice).

You may think it’s easy to sell in the latest tech. It’s new, it’s innovative, it’s exciting. But until VR does something for me Oculus Rift is just a headset that makes me look like a bit of a dick. The best way to talk about something that’s deemed ‘futuristic’ by your average joe – which let’s face it is who we’re talking to – it’s to make it’s usage occasion relatable. Until then you’re just talking about something that’s not of any interest because it’s of no use to anyone. But we all should of learnt that lesson from GoogleGlass, right? Well Samsung learnt, and with the help of Leo Burnett they’ve created 3 spots that normalises such technology illustrating how something that may at one stage have seemed so outlandish, now seem ordinary.

Created by Leo Burnett.


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