The affects of parental illiteracy by The&Partnership

When parents can’t read, children can’t just be children

If you are reading this, consider yourself one of the lucky ones; lucky enough to have received an education, or to be secure in the knowledge that your child will receive one. Lucky enough to be literate in a world where – more often than not – the ability to read and write can mean the difference between a decent life and abject poverty.781 million adults, those over the age of 15, are estimated to be illiterate. I told you that you were lucky.

To combat this Literacy Partners, a nonprofit organisation providing free literacy classes to low-income parents, was founded. They’ve just teamed up with New York-based communications agency, The&Partnership, to create the “What Kids Read” campaign, which brings attention to parental illiteracy and how it impacts their families. The advert focuses on the role-reversal that occurs when parents who cannot rely on their children to do so for them. One child has to read the instructions for a prescription, while another reads an overdue rent notice. Actual students who participate in the Literacy Partners program are featured in the video, and the voiceover is read by Camille McPherson, a first-year student in the program, in an effort to highlight the strides she has already made.

Created by The&Partnership.

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